Mélanie Grondin

Melanie Grondin, 2017. Photo credit: Terence Byrnes

My name is Mélanie Grondin. I'm a writer, translator, and editor living in Quebec, and I have an M.A. in Medieval Studies from the University of Leeds (UK). I am the editor of the Montreal Review of Books, and some of my creative writing has appeared in carte blanche, Room, Headlight Anthology, Soliloquies, and The Nashwaak Review. I have translated from English to French Louise Abbott's Eeyou Istchee: Land of the Cree / Terre des Cris and Memphrémagog: An Illustrated Story / Une histoire illustrée, volumes I and II. I have also published a chapter on the letters Nincheri and his son Gabriel wrote during the artist's internment in Petawawa in Behind Barbed Wire: Creative Works on the Internment of Italian Canadians (Guernica Editions, 2012).

My interest in Guido Nincheri and his art started in 2004 when Tracy Boccini Nincheri, the artist's great-grand-daughter, and I became fast friends. As I started hanging out with her family, her father Roger Boccini Nincheri introduced me to his nonno. The more I found out about the artist, the greater my interest grew. I was also sad to realize that few people knew about him and that no book about him existed. In an attempt to remedy the situation, I have published a book on the artist and am curating this website, which, I hope with time, will become a kind of database of Nincheri's art.   

The Art and Passion of Guido Nincheri (Véhicule Press, 2018)The Art and Passion of Guido Nincheri

My biography of Guido Nincheri is titled The Art and Passion of Guido Nincheri (Véhicule Press, 2018). More than a simple biography, the books looks at some of the artist's most important works and shows the extent of Nincheri's passion for his art. The book also contains 32 colour plates as well as black & white photographs interspersed throughout the text. You can purchase a copy of the book through my publisher's website, Amazon.ca, or Indigo. The book can also be found at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts book store.







Roger Boccini Nincheri

Roger Boccini Nincheri (B.Sc., B.A., B.Ed) is the grandson of Guido Nincheri. Since his retirement in 2002 from teaching Geology, Geography, and History at Selwyn House School in Montreal he has taken over the legacy of his grandfather by becoming the curator of the Guido Nincheri Studio in Montreal. He has photographed 128 churches, and has specialized in interpreting the iconography of his grandfather’s art. He has written extensively on the subject and has published, in Stained Glass Quarterly, the interpretation of the life and times of St. Peter as seen in the stained-glass windows of Saint-Pierre de Shawinigan, in the Province of Quebec, Canada. In Windows to Heaven: The Art and Life of Guido Nincheri, a Paul Carvalho production, he narrates, along with his uncle George Nincheri, the life and art of his grandfather.