Built from 1918 to 1919, Montreal’s Italian church, Madonna della Difesa, was Guido Nincheri’s project from beginning to end: he designed its architecture, painted its frescoes and other murals, made the stained-glass windows, painted some of the paintings that adorn its walls, and designed most of the sculptures.

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Saint-Léon-de Westmount

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“The Most Beautiful Church in North America”

That’s what Father Oscar Gauthier (1873–1964) wanted when he started, in 1928, the Saint-Léon-de-Westmount decoration project.[1] Father Gauthier, priest at the church from 1920 to 1951, had lived in Rome for a few years and was impressed by the art he found there. He too wanted a beautiful Italian church, a church decorated in the Renaissance style. Which is why he hired Nincheri.